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i can't give it away faster than i'm finding it. - this is because i can spell confusion with a 'k' and i can like it. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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i can't give it away faster than i'm finding it. [Feb. 6th, 2012|09:09 pm]
[mental sensing. |calmcalm]

Hoarders makes me want to go through every inch of my house and start throwing stuff away! we've seen first hand what it can really do to a home (not to mention a family!), yet i continue to collect stuff. not even close to the extent of the people on the show. but i just want a clutter free home! ahhhh!!! what it really boils down to is that i want a home in which everything has it's place. i want cupboard space for all of my food (and each shelf is designated for the types of food!!!), and i want storage and space for my sewing and cake things. i want a designated spot for william's music and computer things. i don't want things piled and "fit" into spots that make it incredibly difficult to actually get to. i know that we don't have an unreasonable amount of stuff (mostly!), but i just want it all to have a place.

oh well. we have a home, and for that i am incredibly grateful!

oh! and i applied for a second job today. it's not in any way the type of hours i'd like to have, but the money would be good. and it could potentially lead to more. but, really, right now i just want to get out from beneath my debt and feel more stable.